chocolate chip day

chocolate chip cookies

butterscotch*s classic chocolate chip cookies

happy chocolate chip day to you all.

what to do with a chocolate chip cookie, aside from the obvious, eat it, of course?

ice cream cookie sandwiches

 serves 4

 -1 pack  butterscotch*s CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies (or chocolate cherry)

-1 pint of your favorite ice cream*

line 4 cookies upside down on a plate, scoop

a generous amount of ice cream, then top each

with another cookie right side up. pop into freezer.

remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving.

*RUMOR HAS IT: ronnybrook farm dairy will be bringing some ice cream each week to the LONG BEACH Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market


happy mothers day



custom cakes

custom cakes, vanilla buttercream flower garden

h a p p y      m o t h e r s      d a y

we hope your day is filled with good food, great company,

a bounty of health+happiness, today and always.

-stephanie + collette-


national butterscotch brownie day


coconut butterscotch blondies

coconut butterscotch blondies

we can’t think of a better way to celebrate

national butterscotch brownie day then to try some of

our signature coconut butterscotch blondies, can you?


Long Beach here we come!!!

long beach farmers market

long beach 2015 farmers market

butterscotch*s artfully hand-crafted fare

words can not sufficiently express our excitement for

the LONG BEACH farmers market season to kick off this SATURDAY 9am-2pm.

we’ve got plenty of new things for you to taste

as well as the things you’ve grown to love from us

stephanie + collette