strawberry rhubarb

s t r a w b e r r y    r h u b a r b    

reminds us of summer which we are dearly longing for !

strawberry rhubarb tarts

strawberry rhubarb tarts

visit us this weekend to get some:

Long Beach saturday 9am-2pm

Rockville Center sunday 7am-12pm

Kings Park sunday 9am-2pm


chocolate chip day

chocolate chip cookies

butterscotch*s classic chocolate chip cookies

happy chocolate chip day to you all.

what to do with a chocolate chip cookie, aside from the obvious, eat it, of course?

ice cream cookie sandwiches

 serves 4

 -1 pack  butterscotch*s CHOCOLATE CHIP cookies (or chocolate cherry)

-1 pint of your favorite ice cream*

line 4 cookies upside down on a plate, scoop

a generous amount of ice cream, then top each

with another cookie right side up. pop into freezer.

remove from freezer 5 minutes before serving.

*RUMOR HAS IT: ronnybrook farm dairy will be bringing some ice cream each week to the LONG BEACH Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market


happy mothers day



custom cakes

custom cakes, vanilla buttercream flower garden

h a p p y      m o t h e r s      d a y

we hope your day is filled with good food, great company,

a bounty of health+happiness, today and always.

-stephanie + collette-


national butterscotch brownie day


coconut butterscotch blondies

coconut butterscotch blondies

we can’t think of a better way to celebrate

national butterscotch brownie day then to try some of

our signature coconut butterscotch blondies, can you?