happy national donut day ! donuts are a fairly pedestrian fare commonly found at independent bakeries and chain coffee shops around the island.  even a subpar donut can satiate the craving for one.  but an amazing donut, well that, is much harder to find.  and when one finds one, it’s the beginning of understanding the word “pining”.  a good […]


did someone say pumpkin ? ! oh the things that can be done with pumpkin… on the sweet side of life, pumpkin pie is an oldie but goodie.  our pumpkin custard pie is lightly spiced and just sweet enough to be a dessert, a dollop of unsweetened whipped cream elevates it to a whole other […]

friend a farmer

happy national farmers day !   thank you to all of the farmers + farm hands who have selflessly dedicated their lives to feeding us… it is not without great sacrifice that these wonderful people work so hard, in all sorts of  weather to grow fresh produce and raise cattle to share with the rest of us. […]

homemade cookies

homemade cookies are far superior to any machine made confection out there… it is amazing how food is consumed differently when you’ve actually spent the time preparing it yourself, or get to know the person who crafts it for you via a local bakery or restaurant.  for one, the ingredients are easily recognizable as opposed to […]


today is a day to be celebrated, let us rejoice ! coffee why you ask, because it’s national coffee day  coffee is a gift from the universe.  a late night worker’s best friend and companion.  and nothing better compliments a great pastry, cookie, or sweet brioche than an equally amazing crafted coffee.  participating in our local farmers markets […]