bundt pan

bust out those bundt pans and get baking!

angel food cakes cooling in their bundt pans

angel food cakes cooling in their bundt pans

our next door neighbor was famous for her angel food cakes…

she seemed to always be baking.  on just about any given spring or summer day, the neighborhood was filled with children of various ages playing sports in the street while the parents were gathered in one person’s driveway.  i recall one particular day, while we were all fulfilling our mentioned roles,  we were invited inside this neighbor’s kitchen as she pulled out one of those angel food cakes.   the smell was reminiscent of cotton candy, only better.  and she did something i had never seen my mother do before with her bundt pan.  she turned the pan upside down onto the sheet pan, keeping the pan on the rack of the oven which was pulled slightly out hovering over the open door.  she told us to be very quiet and walk slowly as we all left the house.  that memory is so vivid even decades later.  many years later, i came to learn that the name of the cakes she always made were called angel food.  and that they cool while upside down as to retain their volume created by generous amounts of egg white in the recipe.  the bundt pan is a much underutilized piece of kitchen equipment.  aside from angel food cakes and the traditional butter based cakes our mother made, the bundt pan can also be used as a gelatin mold or a vessel to bake monkey bread in.  This Thanksgiving, use it for your extra  stuffing that doesn’t fit inside your turkey.   Beautiful slices can be cut and used to top your turkey sandwich on the day after. 

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