today is a day to be celebrated, let us rejoice !



why you ask, because it’s national coffee day 

coffee is a gift from the universe.  a late night worker’s best friend and companion.  and nothing better compliments a great pastry, cookie, or sweet brioche than an equally amazing crafted coffee.  participating in our local farmers markets across long island has been a wonderful foray into exceptional coffee roasters in our area.  we would like to share with you a few that stand out to us :

georgio’s coffee roasters : they by far have the best cold brew on the Island.  georgio and his wife lydia travel the globe to source their beans, and their efforts pay off in the bold complex flavors of their coffee.

tend coffee roasters : susan and daniel kennedy roast some of the most amazing certified organic coffee we have tasted.  what’s cool about their selections are the different acidity levels that they offer.

gentle brew roasters : we spend a lot of time working in long beach, ny and the cold brew coffee from here is exceptional, it has a bold fruitiness that is so creamy and delicious it is even great sans a creamer.  when you can drink a coffee black, that’s when you know you have a great roast.  bryan and crew really know what they are doing.

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