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Apple Cider Donut

Apple Cider Donut

donuts are a fairly pedestrian fare commonly found at independent bakeries and chain coffee shops around the island.  even a subpar donut can satiate the craving for one.  but an amazing donut, well that, is much harder to find.  and when one finds one, it’s the beginning of understanding the word “pining”.  a good donut can consume the mind for days, years even.  golden harvest farms in valetie, ny has one of thee best, if not best, apple cider donuts.  back during the days of being a food photographer, i was fortunate enough to visit the orchard to photo document a celebration catered by a dear friend.  the grout family were kind gracious people taking us through the various inner workings of their farm.  rows upon rows of apple trees studded the landscape.  an onsite distillery producing vodkas, whiskey and brandy brought a uniqueness to this family operated orchard.  the passion was abundant not only among the family, but the extended family of dedicated workers employed for decades by that land.  upon reaching the farm stand, the wafting aroma of sweet cinnamon sugar, apple cider and a good fry wafted in the air.  it was essential to taste whatever was responsible for that glorious fragrance.  low and behold, the old stainless machinery dispensing round batter of donut into the hot oil, almost instantly browning the edges, manually being flipped to achieve the same results on the other side.  once removed the donuts were allowed to rest for a second or so to drain off some of the oil, then they met their fate in a pan of cinnamon sugar.  you have not truly lived until you’ve consumed an apple cider donut moments out of the fryer.  slightly scorching your tongue, filling your mouth with pillowy goodness, words just can not describe the euphoria.

where are some of your favorite donut shops?

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