friend a farmer

happy national farmers day !


thank you to all of the farmers + farm hands who have selflessly dedicated their lives to feeding us…

it is not without great sacrifice that these wonderful people work so hard, in all sorts of  weather to grow fresh produce and raise cattle to share with the rest of us.  having been fortunate enough to work alongside farmers at farmers markets, our eyes have been opened to the hardships + stressors of their day to day operations, from uncharacteristically cold nights that freeze crops before being harvested to having to lower the price of their produce to compete with produce outsourced to countries with very different operating costs and guidelines.  it is of utmost importance to support local farmers, cattle ranches, poultry farmers and dairy farms as often as possible.  you can do so by visiting your local farmers market and/or visiting your local farm stands.  

we are especially thankful to thera farms, of lake ronkonkoma ny for insipring us season after season with some of the most beautiful and wonderful produce we have ever tasted.  we feature much of thera farms produce in our savory tarts, quiche and breakfast cakes.


long beach farmers market: wednesdays 9am-2pm , saturdays 9am-2pm

rockville center farmers market:  sundays 7am-12pm

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