homemade cookies

homemade cookies are far superior to any machine made confection out there…


cranberry orange shorties

it is amazing how food is consumed differently when you’ve actually spent the time preparing it yourself, or get to know the person who crafts it for you via a local bakery or restaurant.  for one, the ingredients are easily recognizable as opposed to needing to refer to our good friend, google, to define it for us.  secondly, the lack of an expiration date on the box should tell you something, that it is fresh and you don’t need a sell by date because you wont forget to eat such wonderful food.  food that will actually provide some sort of nourishment and satisfy you because it isn’t loaded with preservatives, stabilizers and shelf life extenders.  it is our mission, to handcraft all of our products from scratch emulating the way our ancestors crafted them decades ago.  we take great pride in being able to say that all of our products are handmade and look forward to continuing the traditions we learned as children.

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