Pecan Cookie

happy national pecan cookie day !

Pecan Sandies

today is national pecan cookie day, we thought we’d celebrate with some of our pecan sandies.  these cookies are one of the most delicious buttery cookies out there.  the cookie themselves are comprised of butter, sugar, flour, pecans and a little salt.  then we toss them into a cinnamon sugar that pairs perfectly with the pecans.  they get their name from the sand like texture they take on after being baked.  once it hits your mouth, they just crumble into an explosion of flavor.

the beauty of baking is that,  once you find a recipe or formula that works for you, the variations are as vast as your imagination.  substituting any sort of nut for the pecans produces a great cookie.  if sugar is something that one needs to limit, omit the cinnamon sugar, the cookie itself is very low in sugar and quite delicious on its own.

if you would like to try our pecan sandies, come visit us at the farmers market…

long beach : wednesdays 9am-2pm , saturdays 9am-2pm

rockville center : 7am-12pm

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